Entrails Of The Soul

by Aetherium Mors

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Snyjxr I dread this record. This is the single most appallingly horrible and nightmarish black metal I've listened to. Both the musical compositions and the lyrics are absolutely dreadful. The fact that this album compelled me to go watch some cartoons right after listening through it speaks for itself. This is some seriously well-crafted black metal music! Favorite track: Entrails Of The Soul.
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    A split Ecopack CD released by Eihwaz Recordings (US). Features the 'Entrails Of The Soul' EP by Aetherium Mors, along with 'Suffering For Eternity' EP by Virginia USA band Infirmary, featuring members of Nechochwen and Obsequiae. 8 tracks of brutal yet melodic Death and Black Metal!

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released May 15, 2014

All music by D. Couch. All lyrics and vocals by K. Nelson.
Recorded and mixed by D. Couch.
Mastered by Rhys Jackson (www.soundfarmstudios.co.uk)


all rights reserved



Aetherium Mors Plymouth, UK

Blackened death metal from the UK...

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Track Name: Entrails Of The Soul
Body and spirit
Bound and nailed
Hauled up in the air
Inverted crucifixion
No escape no saviour

No ascension
Shall be witnessed
No miracle
No rebirth

The skin to be removed
Incisions shall be made
Pray to god in vain
Slowly blade slides under

Screaming as the blade
Severs nerve endings
Suffering the flay
Slowly blade slides under

Agonising pain
Screaming out in vain
Flayed before your god
Slowly blade slides under
Truth is screamed in pain
No saviour for you came
Screaming out to god
Still the blade slides slowly under

Of the holy spirit

And he shall burn the flayed offerings
Impale torso with broken bones
Disemboweling his broken prayers
Starving belief of rebirth

His flayed skin draped
Organs fall to the dirt
Impaling agony
Tortured screams
Slowly dying

Slide the blade
Sever faith

There is no rebirth
Only mutilation
After death
The great nothing
Track Name: Ritual To Evince The Subsurface Of Purity

Arise oh gods of the abyss
Manifest before me
I with tongue of fire
Shall eviscerate the soul

Blood gushes from the altar
The lambs of god will suffer

Azazel behold my infernal weapons
Abaddon with these words I stab and destroy
Obliterating the gates
With the vengeance of Sekhmet
And the infernal fire of Satan

Fire of Satan
Charring the delusional walls
I summon thee
Harken to me

Serpents of fire
Bring writhing flames to the spirit
Impaled on horns of death
And you shall never ascend
Evince the subsurface of purity

Festering Nazarene
God of decay
Despisers of all life
Worshipers of death
Devotees of the leech
Feed on the diseased

Crawling beneath
Benign disguise
Insects of fear
Infecting life
Contaminating our strength
By preserving the weak
They pervade decay
Pervade the suffering

Behold the weak and feeble
They reach up to the heavens
For the embrace of angels
Their flesh cold like a tombstone
Contagious fear infested
Their being is decomposing
Their skin splits wide open
Diseased lambs of oblivion

Hail Satan
Hail Satan
Track Name: Divine Order Without God
Endless halls of pearlescent light
Marble columns of eternal height
Countless orbs of souls benign
Hordes of angels
Beings divine

The braying sound
Of heavenly hymns

Seraphs with their dovelike wings
Singing praise and love for him
Their porcelain flesh and forgiving eyes
Illuminates the throne enshrined

I ascend the temple steps
Upon his throne the void of death
I bend my knee not to you lord of lies
I raise the spear that killed your son Christ

God of woe
Without end
I thrust my spear
Through your neck

Rip tear rend holy flesh
Blood pours down marble steps
All hail the ethereal death

Self deified Itheist
I am mine universe
You slaves
You cowards
Bow down before this power
I am flesh god

No God
No salvation
No spirit
No forgiveness of sins
Staring into
Dilating eyes
Of the weakest men
This is the place
Where all divinities go to die

Your cancerous nothingness
Will be forever chained
In inexistence
Lie the seeds of decay
Track Name: Souls Diseased By Faith
Suffering in torment
He screamed into the void
His eyes beheld
Utter desolation
Endless bodies
Engulfed in suffering
Death gorging
On the entrails of man
The ocean of flies
Spreads plague among the dead
Bereft he closed his eyes and wept

He closed his eyes and wept

His mournful tears
Whispered into the dirt
He could not remember
His time upon the earth

Souls diseased by faith
Are wailing for their father
Withered and morbid
No hope can endure
Drowning in corpses
He could see no end
Torn asunder the endurance of pain

The worship of death
Embrace me now
Never to be reborn

Bound in terminal movement
Forever devoid of strength
Dissected thy mortal coil
Life’s embers turn into ash

Death's pall mantle envelopes the earth
Newborns sacrificed for the death of rebirth

Ethereal beings lay eviscerated
All thy prophets lay amongst the departed

Theological blood shall be spilled
Crushing the nihilistic will
Masters of depravity
With their phantom god of slavery
Nazarene with arms outspread
Bringer of Eden for mans death
Sever the soul deify the flesh
Our war at last be won
World without end

War at last be won
World without end
Deicide at last
Deify the flesh

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