Drenched In Victorious Blood

by Aetherium Mors

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Shaun Black
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Shaun Black Following in the footsteps of such bands as God Dethroned, God Dethroned and, well, the mighty God Dethroned, comes Aetherium Mors. Soaring leads and solos, songs based upon twisted Christiandom, and on the fence, noncommittal vocal stylings. I checked. This isn't God Dethroned nor does this band have any former members
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released December 23, 2012

All music written by D. Couch. All lyrics written by K. Nelson.
Guitars, bass and drums are performed by D. Couch.
All vocals performed by K. Nelson.

Additional guitar solos on 'Annihilating Fire' performed by Steve Dean.
Additional bass on 'Dreadlord' performed by Rhys Jackson.

Drums recorded at PMC Studios, Plymouth between 19th and 21st March 2012. Engineered by Andy 'Doc' Collins.

Guitars, Bass and Vocals recorded at SoundFarm Studios (www.soundfarmstudios.co.uk), St. Germans, Cornwall on various dates over 2012.
Engineered and Produced by Rhys Jackson and Jez Haddon.
Mixed and Mastered by Rhys Jackson.


all rights reserved



Aetherium Mors Plymouth, UK

Blackened death metal from the UK...

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Track Name: Sons Of Men
Devoted to madness, disciples of nihility
Desperate chants from leprous tongues can’t offer you eternity
The strong prevail we sons of men, annihilate all weak and deformed
Materialise the sacrifice of all Christians born

Go for the throat rip and devour
Sin is a blessing attained in power
Revenge is the essence of not bowing down
The king of all kings remove his crown of thorns
Impale and crush his skull
I shall ascend his throne

Ye shall no longer drink deep his blood
Ye shall no longer gorge upon his flesh
For I am messiah of Armageddon
I offer only death

We the allegiance of Earthliness
Our might be our undefiled wisdom
Great be our wrath upon the miserable
The mutilation of all ethereal Gods

Call of vengeance, we lords of abyss
For we are the deathless ones
Praise Satan among the sons of men
I reign exalted above as below
Flay his disciples, prophets impaled
His most devoted are boiled alive
Impale my vengeance, our mastery of the Earth
Track Name: Luciferian March
Out of the night that covers me
Gods of the pit, we know our role
My will be done eternal suffering
To the weak of our race

Pile up their bodies burn them all in flames
Once they’ve suffered our blades so cold
We shall build a mighty kingdom of flesh and bone.

Menacing cloud dark and ominous
Causing the night without a dying sun
Our enemies glance nervously at the phenomenon

This is the coming of the Chaos Star
Spread the earth with dreadful fire
Shake the ancient roots of the earth
Out of the twilight a carnal race

Mighty infernal light
Open wide the gates of Hell

Rise mighty Lucifer
Infernal bringer of light
(My legions)
Destroy, annihilate, sever and burn

Man shall be purged from dishonour
For my army is ready for war
Rainfall of pain, with no mercy
After the fire will come our swords
Ride on horses through the fires of chaos
Ride them down til the ends of the earth
Hack and butcher all the men of Jesus
Sons of Satan exact vengeance
Track Name: Dreadlord
Forces of darkness, infernal might
Rulers of the Earth
Thoth command the altar of flesh and blood

Annihilation of mine enemy
Let Christian blood run in an endless stream
Diabolus Ave Satanas

Leviathan from darkest depths
Engulf me with hate and strength
The weak and deformed will be judged
A plague you are, behold aberration

Hear the echoes, hear the screams
Billions die at last
Vultures feasting on their rotten, still warm flesh

Eternal Saros descends upon a new age
In a different light, man tries to reclaim his throne
Through cold reflection let the truth be seen

Man is king and lord of beasts
I kill all who kneel for me
All life and death I conquer

I dread lord of the black flame
Give ye strength, give ye power
Torment is upon you, I am your fear
On my throne I prosper from your pain
Track Name: Kingdom Of Shadows
Desperation overrules logic
Their insanity thrives in this bitter abyss
Drenched in victorious blood
Enter the Kingdom of Shadows
Moloch lords of almighty death
Masters of this black earth

Enter the Kingdom of Shadows
There is only infernal might
Mephistopheles guide my sword
Rend with jaws of Megalodon
Luciferi eternal sight
Fear us for we are one with darkness
Death awaits in darkness

Oh ye swords of the South
Manifest swift justice
Hear Satan’s song
Scream through our iron will
The strong prevaileth
We sons of men
Unveiling the mysteries of our creation

All are now Belial
Lest you see the point of my sword
I shall raise Cernunnos
I shall be lord of beasts
Track Name: The Fall Of God
The smell of burning flesh
The bones and ashes of a dead empire
Die on the cross for your sins
Witness the rise of the morning star
Holy writ of two thousand years
Have plagued the minds of lesser men
My adversary is a mortal foe
And ye shall not be born again

The followers of Jesus are burning
They’ve followed, blindly, Christ’s everlasting promise
Crucified, screaming and burning
Suffocating the light of Christ

Suppression breaks as eyes awake
Manipulation with the tables turned
We recreate our natural state
False prophets have buried the way
I shall rule this nocturnal world
I vow the weak shall not find peace
Crucifixion of your phantom God
Now burn and wither with your beliefs

Can you hear the calls as Society falls
Witness your world crumble
Set free from slavery, unhinging destiny
Becoming the Gods of the beasts
Evolving humanity, control beyond belief
The fall of God eternal
I can hear them screaming, crucified and burning
Sons of men arise to battle and conquer
Mine own redeemer man can destroy
Ten Commandments upon this Earth
No longer sterilise living thought
Claim domination of an evolved race
Track Name: Order Of The Talion
Slaves to the void of nothingness (harken)
Ethereal and wretched (harken)
You shall not remain (you shall all be slain)
This plain shall be soaked in blood (you shall all be slain)
Impervious to wounds (we have sworn revenge)
Wielding dreadful swords (lacerate the flesh)
The sky is tenebrous under the standard of Prometheus
Under the standard of Prometheus

Beating and battering on shield bosses
War riders parrying spears and swords
Deflecting blows and splintering ash
With might and daring break the enemy line
Battering our way through the enemy ranks
Punching with shields, thrusting with spears
Slashing with swords, fierce onslaught
Cutting through armour flesh and bone
Insurmountable legions of darkness
Unconquerable Satanic elite
Unrepentant, slashing gore from limbs
Poised impenitent stygian might

Battle kings we are, burning with chaos
We slaughter the effete; we slaughter all that's weak
With every bible burned and the way of the cross never learned
As your Christ you shall never return, and Satan rules the Earth
The will to power
This is the aeon of might enthrone our will to power
Through Order of the Talion, the weak shall flee before us
Track Name: Annihilating Fire
Adramelech, Namah, Baphomet, Ishta
Leviathan, Mephistopheles, Astaroth, Satan
I have led mine army to an eternal victory
I have slaughtered and butchered all slaves of the Nazarene
This is the age of magic
This is the age of Satan
Purifying annihilating fire
Gods of the pit arise
Spew forth from the inferno
Mastery is complete
Thanatos through the depths of time
Drag their souls through the blackest fire
Through the flames imperishable
To the darkest depths of mitclan
I dread lord of the black flame
Give strength give power
To a new race

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